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I would love it if you could subscribe and stick around – so here are a quick fire set of 20 random facts about me to convince you we can totally be friends 🙂

  1. I am driven, dedicated and goal oriented
  2. I love organisation of any form
  3. I am engaged and will be planning a wedding and blogging that whole journey soon
  4. I run a multi-million pound multi-national business called Superfood Market
  5. I started my business at 25 – I am 29 now 🙂
  6. I have two amazing sisters and three wonderful brothers
  7. I have an Alaskan Malamute called Inca
  8. I am a Vegan and try to live a cruelty free existence as much as possible
  9. I am using my online voice to encourage the next generation of female entrepreneurs
  10. I love good food – by good I mean tasty and healthy (Yes that is possible!)
  11. I try to see the good in everybody and everything
  12. I like to stand in the sunshine
  13. I LOVE music of any kind
  14. I am a huge Salsa fan – and I mean the edible kind
  15. I post awkward videos over on my YouTube channel 
  16. I am a die hard Apple fan!
  17. I get super addicted to box sets – Suit’s, Scandal & Greys are my fave at the moment!
  18. I am a very sensitive person – it takes alot for me to burst out in anger but I cry all the time!
  19. My blog is my escape from reality and is my therapy
  20. I love making lists and planning my empire 🙂

Hopefully you are now suitably convinced that my content will be awesome and have hit the subscribe button 🙂